Kyron & Kerona Davis

Kyron & Kerona Davis is passionate to see nations and individuals deepen their intimacy and faith in God. Kyron & Kerona met in their native country Belize, Central America, soon after they got married and have been happily married ever since. Their mutual love for God and humanity has deployed them into a life of divine purpose and generational impact. They are proud parents of two children, son Josiah and daughter Zoe.

Kyron & Kerona are passionate about empowering mankind with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the practical and yet profound application of Faith in God’s Word. They believe strongly that a life patterned by the Word of God is a life that is bound for total mastery over life’s circumstances and unprecedented, good success. They are both founders of Life Conference International, a conference established to teach Gods Kingdom Principles on how to overcome and master everyday life challenges through biblical solutions.